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09 Apr 2014

Mobile app success; how much can it really cost?

Let’s say trading your life with someone else is possible. Right now, who would you want to be? Most people would immediately like to swap places with Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, and Mark Zuckerberg. I would not recommend that. A business magnate has to face too much pressure for a multi-billion industry.

02 Apr 2014

Gamification and Why Your Mobile App Needs It

The other day I received my Barista Badge from Starbucks. I was ecstatic and even shared the moment with my friends and followers on Instagram and Twitter. What makes it so exciting? It is that element of gamification which made me visit five Starbucks different locations and check into those locations through Foursquare app.

18 Mar 2014

How companies are using apps for marketing?

In the last week I made a couple of purchases. There were a few interesting things about the shopping. First, I never visited a store. Second, I never took out my wallet to make any payments. Third and most interestingly, I made all those purchases through my iPhone. An app from the App Store, a couple of shirts from a local designer’s Facebook page, books from Amazon’s app and a gardening tool from ebay

11 Mar 2014

Apple’s enormous yet seemingly hidden revenue stream

Let me tell you as plainly as I can without making a big deal of it — it’s the App Store. Apple has reported $10 billion in sales for the year 2013. And we thought it was all about selling iPhones and iPads. The anticipation and interest companies and people have shown in wearables (Pebble, Oculus Rift, and Google Glass, etc.) produced enough dust to hide the capacity and potential of the smartphone e-commerce (apps & accessories).

19 Feb 2014

Facebook ads: Testing in third party mobile apps

On January 22 this year, Facebook revealed that it is expanding its reach by testing ads in third party mobile apps. Facebook didn’t reveal any information related to its hand picked partners (mobile apps) and figures related to this experiment. So how can we make predictions about its success or failures? The answer is, we can’t. To be honest, our experiences with two tech giants (Google & Facebook) has proved two things consistently right over the course of time.