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16 Aug 2013

4 Steps to Building a Credible Online Brand

You’re a brand. You’re online. If you want to beat your competitors, you’ll have to establish trust among your customers which is of course easier said than done. It takes time and patience to build credibility online but these four tips should get you started. With social media, it is easier than ever to get feedback, respond quickly and open channels of communication. Lastly, grow your network with the right people so you can establish authenticity online.

01 Jul 2013

7 Things You Must Do Before Jumping Into Brand Promotion

There are hundreds of blog posts about what to do and what not to do when promoting a brand on the web. With advancements in digital communication technologies, brands are distributing their messages across various platforms. If you’re just starting out, it can be slightly overwhelming. What helps is to take a step back and realise that at the end of the day, no matter what platform you use to promote your brand, there are a few simple things that will kick you off in the right direction. Once you’ve lift off, it’s only a matter of time that you will learn to adapt to different media.

24 May 2013

The Modern Marketer

Marketing is an important business function that works in a challenging environment. The scope of marketing is continuously changing because the expectations of customers are always fluctuating. Marketers today are forced to be on their toes as they thrive to build customer relationships. To be a successful marketer today, you need to learn much more than the basic concepts of marketing itself. You have to keep evolving and most importantly, you have to be creative.

20 May 2013

6 Rules of Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age

As consumers become more familiar with digital technology, businesses are evolving their marketing strategies to meet expectations. Websites and applications are now considered an essential part of a brand’s presence. The digital age is making it possible for brands to connect with their clients all over the world and reach out effectively to their specific target audiences. However, with so much reach, it is easy to get befuddled and make mistakes while communicating to your audiences digitally.

26 Apr 2013

6 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement with Promotions

With 1 billion users already and growing, Facebook offers brands a huge potential fan base. Along with the opportunity comes the challenge of breaking through heaps of status updates and posts and making yourself heard in the crowd. Facebook promotions are a great way to make your fans feel that they are important to your brand. Here are six easy ways of increasing customer engagement with Facebook Promotions: