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Viral Content
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Viral Content – Anything Which is Shared by the Users

Nowadays, it seems that many organizations have realized the importance of having content that is “Viral”. The term “Go Viral” means, that the content is shared a number of times by the users and is well received. You, as an organization, may have a difficult time anticipating what type of content you create could go viral and provide good results.

You need to consider the users and their attributes to identify what type of content they would enjoy. Many times, the funny or embarrassing images are shared widely, but this doesn’t mean that other type of content may not be shared as much. Something which is deeply emotional might have the same connection, or in some circumstances, even better.

Understanding Viral Content:

The most difficult question is “What is viral content?” We can define it with the statement “Anything which is shared by the users for any given reason”.

Viral Content Definition

Types of Viral Content:

What is Viral Content

Reasons for Sharing:

Reasons for sharing

Enable and encourage sharing:

Social Media Sharing

The most basic and probably the most essential requirement for a content to go viral is the sharing options available to the users. You need to provide simple and prompting call to action buttons available for the user to make sure that your content is being shared as per your expectations or above it.


For creating viral content of your own, you need to identify the trends on which user shares are increasing. For example, the Meme based images are now very popular amongst almost all of the age groups on Facebook. They are funny, creative, and at the same time highlight some of the issues that are present in the society.