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Cat Burglar, Case Study

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Our first release on the App Store under the Cygnis Labs banner has come in the form of a puzzle game made for quick and easy casual play.

Cat Burglar’s protagonist, a lovable down on his luck feline, switches back and forth between the old city and the new city, each presenting a unique safe that needs to be cracked in order to collect items. The digital safe gives you 10 attempts to crack the combination (either 3 or 4 digit code) by reading the feedback of your previous guess on a tablet. It tells you how many digits were correct, how many were in the correct position and how many were wrong.

The old city has analog safes, which have the old dial mechanism. You turn the dial and listen for the click. Upon hearing it, you turn the dial in the other direction. Get 3 clicks in a row and unlock the safe. But you need to think fast because there is a time limit and the police are hot on your tail.

Once you successfully open a safe, you will find several items as well as cash. Quickly grab the items you want/need to complete your sets and escape before the police catch you. If you get busted, you will need to spend some of the cash in your reserves to pay bail.

All in all, Cat Burglar is an easy going, fun loving brainteaser for the casual gamer in all of us. At the low price of "FREE", you can’t really go wrong with it. Check it out and leave us a review. We would love to hear from you.

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