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Hub World Playdate Premiere Party

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Hubworld, a major network for children’s TV shows, and with the launch of their new show Littlest Pet Shop, they wanted to have a premier party in New York City.

Because the premier party could only (realistically) be attended by people living in New York City, they wanted to encourage people to host their own premier parties all across the country and wanted to provide fun games for people to be able to play.

So, on this web application, users can download party packs and exclusive content which they can play with during their own premier party. And if someone would like to attend the event, they can use the Playdate Premier application to RSVP their attendance and put down names of up to 3 guests. The RSVP was open as long as space was available.

The event needed to be delayed by a week due to Hurricane Sandy and because the RSVP system already had people’s e-mail addresses, we were able to send out re- confirmation e-mails to the list of attendees and let them know about the change in venue and ask for a re-confirmation if they were going to make it to the newly scheduled event date. This allowed the event management team to figure out exactly the capacity of the room and how many people were attending in order to maximize occupancy.

At the end of it all, the event was a major success with 100% occupancy and a fantastic time had by all.

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