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Kick The Can, Case Study

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The good people over at are putting together a campaign called "Kick The Can" in which they are looking to educate people on the hazards of providing harmful soda to kids in school cafeterias. Rather than drinking these sodas, the kids should drink healthy beverages such as fresh juices. Thus, they are encouraging people to "Kick The Can".

The application is developed in a manner that allows for it to be embedded within 3rd party Facebook Pages. This allows for maximum people to get exposed to the application. A user is shown an interactive can which they can kick to as many of their friends as they want. Those friends then in-turn kick the can further to their friends. This cycle continues and eventually you have thousands of cans in circulation.

Leaderboards and stats counters have been added to increase engagement and allow people to see the progress, both personal and for the entire community as a whole. Milestones have been setup for people to strive to achieve (e.g. 20,000 cans have been kicked! Next milestone is 50,000 -- lets go!)

An external stats counter widget is also available for web sites to be able to embed and allow people to find out how many cans have been kicked and what kind of impact has been made as a result of this campaign.

Through the admin panel, the moderators of the application can track all usage and find out exactly how many cans have been kicked, by whom and how far they have gone. The application provides incentive by expressing the desire to donate a particular amount of money for ever can that is kicked.

So go out there and Kick The Can today. It’s for a great cause.

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