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Magic Freebies UK, Case Study

Facebook Contest Applications for Freebies UK

Services We Provided

  • Application Development

    Application Development

  • Conceptualization


  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

  • Hosting And Deployment

    Hosting And Deployment

  • Reporting


Magic Freebies UK specializes in giving free stuff to their users. They have become famous for it and have built a brand around this practice. When they wanted to give away a huge prize such as a 3D TV, they came to the right place as they chose Facebook as their go-to platform for the contest.

The application displays a filled jar and requires users to guess how many balls are in the jar. The trick is that they start out with only 1 guess. When a user has used up their guess, they can earn more by sending out friend invites. When a friend accepts the invite, an additional guess will be awarded to the user.

A back-end panel for managing the contest and user participation has been created for complete and fair management of the contest entries. When the contest time limit expires. The administrators will be able to select a winner from the entries based on the closest guesses, or the ones that guessed correctly.

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