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NFL Draft Yearbook 2012, Case Study

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The NFL Yearbook has is an ambitious project that has been deployed across multiple Facebook pages with large fan bases such as the NFL (5.4 million users), The Arizona Cardinals, the Houston Texans, The NFL Network, The NFL Redzone and many more.

The application gives users the chance to select a player from the 2012 draft whom they feel most appropriately fits certain categories (Most likely to be on Dancing with the Stars, Most likely to win a Superbowl, etc.) similar to high school yearbooks.

Upon selecting a person for each category, you get to find out what percentage of the fan base also voted the same as you. At the end, you get to see the entire yearbook with the people nominated the most for each category. You also have the option to share your picks, or the entire yearbook, on your Facebook profile.

Once you are done nominating players, you can create your own rookie photo. Select the jersey of your favorite team, upload your picture, and have your face cropped onto the photo to have your very own Rookie Photo! Share it on your profile and show it off to your friends.

The application has been a roaring success with immense traffic generated over the course of the draft and continues to generate hype and buzz for the upcoming 2012 NFL Season.

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