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About the project

Hollywood blockbuster

Parker was a major Hollywood blockbuster, set for release in January 2013. The movie was about a thief assuming a new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the" inside as he looks to hijack the score of the crew's latest heist. IGN and Parker wanted to collaborate to engage their users through a competition, themed according to the movie’s plot. The main objective was to get their fans to watch and discuss the trailer.

How we approached the idea

Sweepstakes App

We learned that the team over at IGN and Parker were looking to give away cold hard cash! We proposed an application where users can watch the exclusive trailer and can enter into a sweepstake for their chance to win a cash prize. It was themed as getting "a cut of the score".

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly app

The application was developed to be compatible with all major devices and screen sizes. People browsing the app from their mobile phones would see a small screen optimized experience with all the functionality still available to them.


Application Tracking

We implemented a custom analytics panel and setup user funnels from all the different sources to compare and contrast the traffic in order to provide a comprehensive report to help determine the campaign’s media buy ROI.


The Facebook app managed to created excellent hype for the movie. The trailer was played over 100,000 times through the app and the likes, comments, shares generated nearly half a million impressions, exceeding the goal by 4x. 35% of the traffic was through mobile.

Launch Application