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Positive Feedback Web App Case Study

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Positive Feedback is a place where people can go to appreciate the efforts of their colleagues, friends or family members. Taking a few moments out to thank someone and acknowledge him or her has now been made simple to do in a fun manner.

On the Positive Feedback web application users can login either via Facebook Connect or by creating an account. Their Facebook friends are gathered and the user can then select one of them to leave them feedback on any topic or just say hello.

A user has their profile saved along with all the feedback they have received on their profile for others to view. People also have the opportunity to 'Like' other posts and also post their Replies to them.

Try out this FREE web application today and leave someone feedback and let them know how important they are to you. Share it with others on Facebook and Twitter if you wish. They will appreciate the sentiment and it is now simpler than ever.

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