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Quid Marketplace, Case Study

Facebook Ecommerce App

Services We Provided

  • Application Development

    Application Development

  • Conceptualization


  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

  • Hosting And Deployment

    Hosting And Deployment

  • Reporting


Quid Marketplace is the first online marketplace that truly capitalizes on the social nature of shopping. Through Quid, you can buy or sell items to and from your friends. You have the option to do this using real currency, or Quids which are a virtual currency redeemable for prizes, gift cards and even cash.

We designed the application’s back and front-end infrastructures, worked on the design for the user interface, the user experience and also the brand identity for the product itself. With a deep integration within Facebook's new timeline, it has the most complete marketplace experience on Facebook.

Support for communities, garage sale, finding items in your local area and much more, Quid Marketplace provides a plethora of features that make finding an item or selling your current items a breeze.

With a robust admin panel, we have made it so that the application’s moderators can easily manage the content being added to the application without requiring any technical knowledge whatsoever. Optimized for speed and effiiency, the application is built to scale for millions of users across multiple servers with ease.

Take a look around the Quid Marketplace. You never know what you may find in your own neighborhood!

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