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Schoola, one of the world's biggest fundraiser, decided to use Facebook to promote it's cause, offering grants to schools which are under-funded and cutting down costs by reducing student activities. The aim of the application was to offer grants of $2,000 to 10 schools, which might be under-funded due to several reasons.

We offered development services to Schoola to help promote this cause. The application stood for something extremely important and thus generated an excellent response from a large number of users whom were interested in helping out under-funded schools. In this application users can type in the name of a state and school to check how much funding has been cut for that particular school. They were then asked to add their school to the list of possible grant winners.

The application received tremendous results as the parents registered their childrens' schools in the application and provided visibility to a large issue at hand. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work and contribute towards such a great cause, helping children and schools to be better funded and support education for the youth.

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