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Toblerone's Facebook App, Case Study

Toblerone applications
UAE facebook app

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    Application Development

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    Creative Design

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    Hosting And Deployment

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Toblerone Arabia held a contest for Father's Day 2012 and did it through a Facebook Application which we designed and developed for them, titled "Dad of the Year!"

The application asks users to submit a photo along with a short story about their Father. Many wonderful and cherished memories have been shared by participants and users can vote on the ones they find to be the best. They also have the option to share them on their Facebook profile with all their friends.

Because the application was created for the UAE region, it supports both English and Arabic languages and the users can switch to whichever one they prefer with one click.

It was important to make the application aesthetically pleasing and visually engaging. This meant the use of animations, screen transitions and more. We utilized the latest web technologies such as JQuery and HTML 5 to tackle these requirements in order to ensure the best cross-platform compatibility and keeping it tablet friendly.

The application has been a massive success with over 15,000 Likes gained in less than 1-week with hundreds of stories submitted and thousands of votes cast.

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