Trident is much more than gum. It's a gumwich! Trident is a toy for the mouth that plays with your mind and asks your mind to play back, follow the feeling, and see what unfolds.

The concept

Fun Liberator Application

We created a Facebook application called "The Fun Liberator" which would allow users to express their creativity and make their own statement boards to enter a competition to win some exciting prizes.

What it does

Application Development

Users get a blank canvas which they can customize with backgrounds, text, graphics, play with fonts, drag and drop to re-arrange and do much more. The more creative they are, the better their chance of garnering lots of votes to win.


  • Primary Target

    More than 5,000 Entries

  • App Sharing

    More than 8,000 Times

There were over 5000 unique boards created and nearly 20,000 votes received with the application being shared over 8000 times. These numbers were a huge hit and made the application a roaring success.

Launch Application

Some feedback from our clients

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