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TripAha Web App, Case Study

tripaha connect app
facebook travel application

Services We Provided

  • Application Development

    Application Development

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  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

  • Hosting And Deployment

    Hosting And Deployment

  • Reporting


TripAha aims to bring the social experience to travel. Wouldn’t you love to know the best places to visit, the best restaurants to eat at, the best bars to hang out at and more when you are traveling to a foreign city? Of course there are lots of guides out there, but most of them are pushing their own agenda, promoting their affiliates.

With TripAha, you can get travel tips from people whom you trust the most, your friends and your extended network. Whether you are a new traveler looking for advice or an expert who has been around the block and has plenty of wisdom to share, you will find TripAha to be a fantastic resource to aid your travel plans.

In this project we have worked on the design, functionality, external APIs and more and continue to work with a dedicated and talented team on a daily basis to evolve the project further. It is currently in Open-Alpha phase and you can visit the site to get an invite code and check out the application. If you can, please do provide us with your feedback as we are constantly working on improving the product further.

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