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Wallreader aims to revolutionize the way your read your Facebook newsfeed. Built upon the Audiotweets engine, we utilized the Facebook API to allow Wallreader to read out your newsfeed to you.

Smart enough to know which data is relevant, Wallreader’s text-to-speech engine will not only read out posts to you, but also allow you to share the audio of the post with your friends on your Facebook timeline so that they may listen to the audio as well.

You can play a single post or have it read your entire wall the choice is up to you. You can even filter out comments, Likes, or links should you wish to do so. Wallreader also has an integrated advertisement module in it which was custom built from the ground up. The admin has the ability to set the threshold of the advertisements so as to make sure not to ruin the user experience due to over-exposure of advertisements.

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