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Wendys Top Game Worlds, Case Study

IGN Games app
Top Game App for Wendys

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    Creative Design

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IGN teamed up with Wendy’s to bring an exciting contest based on the Top Video Game worlds of all time. The concept is based on the article published by IGN in which they discuss the most popular and best game worlds created in past titles such as World of Warcraft, Half-Life and more. Partnering up with Wendy’s, IGN wanted to give the user’s a voice and get their opinion on which worlds they think are the best.

The contest has a unique twist to it, which is called “Level-up your prizes”. In this scenario, the more friends people invite to the application, the better the prizes become. So, as more people make their lists and invite their friends, the chances of winning even better prizes are unlocked.

People can pick their top 5 video game worlds and compare them with their friends’ choices, and even share on their timeline.

This contest will run for four weeks, so head on over to the IGN Facebook Page and enter for your chance to win a 55” TV, Xbox 360, an all expense paid trip, and more awesome prizes!

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