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With the app store reportedly crossing the 3-billion downloads mark, the dominance of the iOS applications is clearer than ever. With close to 100-million devices in circulation that can run iOS applications (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad), the global market for this platform is phenomenal.

One of the most popular genres on the app store is 'Games'. Games make up over 18% of the applications downloaded while books come in second at 12%. Games can vary from FREE to $9.99 but the majority are usually within the $1.99 range for the iPhone and the $3.99 range for the iPad. The price of the game can be based on how much time it would take a person to get through the entire application's content. For example, Angry Birds which is priced at $1.99 contains over 300 levels which can take a person a very long time to complete. A more simple, casual game with only 5 levels in contrast would be priced as a free app.

Free apps make their money by utilizing in-game advertisements. One of the best examples is Paper Toss, which earned over 10 million downloads. This number is staggeringly high due to the fact that it was a free game, and it was extremely addictive. With advertisements running constantly along the top frame, it garnered a huge response, and made a lot of money for the publishers.

Great concepts, excellent artwork and good execution of game mechanics are the key ingredients required to making a profitable application on the app store. We possess all the skills required to execute a concept from start to finish, including concept artwork, graphic design, game design, development and deployment on multiple platforms.

With the market growing at a staggering rate, there has never been a better time to enter the apps market. Contact us today for a free quote on a custom iPhone application.


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