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We design and develop beautiful feature rich applications which are easy to use, engaging and highly functional.

Develop and Design Apps

Our Strengths

It all starts here. In order to create a magical user experience, the design must make people sit-up and take notice.

Our apps are developed to
ensure that the pages load quickly, the transitions flow smoothly and the overheads on the server and db are minimal.

We are obsessed with
creating a great user experience. From the moment the user visits the first page of the application.

Our custom designed
proprietary tracking tools are able to provide the most in-depth analysis you have ever seen, and they are only available on Cygnis Media applications.

Apps Development Process


We want to help you harness the power of the social web through engaging applications and add value to your brand / business.

  • To add value to your brand or business

  • To create fantastic experience for users across the web

  • To bring people together with the brands they like love.


We are a custom applications design and development team. We work with agencies, brands & businesses of all sizes.

We are social media strategists; development, deployment and management specialists at the core. Web enthusiasts by nature, our team is always at the cutting edge of online trends and web-based community life. We simply can't get enough of this stuff.

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