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In mid 2007, Facebook released support for 3rd party developers to create applications for their highly sought after platform by utilizing the API provided. Ever since then, the traffic on the site has soared as hundreds of thousands of Facebook applications have been created. So what is a Facebook application? (Or Facebook app as it is sometimes referred to).

A Facebook application is essentially a web application that is deployed on the Facebook application development platform. The advantages of deploying such an application on Facebook rather than on a standalone web site are that you have the ability to gain access to certain parts of the user's profile data and create a personalized experience for them. For example, one of the leading Facebook applications of all time, Farmville, will allow you to have neighbors around your farm. These neighbors are your Facebook friends playing the game as well. What's more, you can exchange gift and items with your friends, creating a unique and personal experience for all players involved.

Facebook application development also became a lucrative way for developers to earn money in late 2008. By utilizing monetization methods such as virtual currency and 3rd party payment systems, 2009 saw the biggest year in virtual currency with the industry taking in over $1.2 bn. 2010 is expected to be even bigger still and shows no signs of slowing down.

Another great use for Facebook applications is to engage a target audience and increase brand awareness for particular products or services. A lot of organizations are now using Facebook applications to run contests, giveaways, surveys and more. With the use of custom tabs developed for Facebook Pages, they collect an audience of like-minded individuals who are interested in their brand and provide them with cool offers and latest information in return for having the ability to communicate with them, learn from them, and have a channel open to constantly provide them latest updates and news about the brand.

We here at Cygnis Media specialize in custom Facebook app development. Our team of experts have completed over 200 successful projects during their careers and are well versed in efficiently leveraging the Facebook API to deliver your requirements. Each project we create is unique and tailor-made. Call us for a free consult or drop us an e-mail for an instant quote. We would love to hear from you.

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