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Keeping Your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions with Social Media!

Happy New Year! I sincerely hope that you may achieve the goals you set for yourselves, both personally and professionally, in 2012. A number of people often set their goals too high, get discouraged when they feel they are not making any progress, and just after a few months or even after a few weeks, quit altogether. New Year Resolutions are tricky as you may decide to achieve the unrealistic goals.

Today, we will be discussing how you can use Social Media as a tool to achieve the goals you have set forth for the new year. It’s quite simple and you will be astonished to see the impact social media can have in helping you achieve your goals. So, without further ado let us move on to the tips on how you can use social media to achieve your new year resolutions:

Realistic Goals

Let us be clear, that many of us do really set targets which are off the hook and are unachievable in a particular time frame. You may have flaked out on those targets in a matter of weeks or months. So, recall a past unrealistic target(s) and compare it with your current new year resolution and try to find out (based on your previous record of resolutions) whether you have set realistic goals for this year or not.

Businesses, who set unrealistic targets, build unnecessary pressure on themselves, their management and employees too, which in-turn results stress and unproductive work weeks. As a business you should understand that unnecessary targets will create ambiguity and employee dissatisfaction. Let’s face it, reasonable and achievable targets means employee satisfaction and minimum pressure which assures that the employees will be working hard and will also try to exceed the targets set for them.

Use Social Networks as The Motivation Factor

There is nothing better than the appreciation from friends and family members for the things you do or the things you are trying to do. Today, there is no better place than social networks to receive all sorts of feedback (positive or negative). Likes, Comments, and Personal Messages from friends on social networks also help in enhancing your commitment level towards your goals. A writer in context with New Year resolution referred social network community as your personal virtual cheerleading squad, which I must say is an interesting and fun fact.

For a business the fans of a social network serve as an integral part and are considered as the cheerleading squad for the business. The input fans provide for the new year resolution of a business helps it maintain the correct path and also in achieving the goals pre-defined in the new year resolution of a business.

Keep Evaluating

A very important concept in achieving the goals is to keep evaluating your progress from time to time. It helps you to understand and decide, whether the strategy you have adopted to achieve your goals is actually working or either you need to change your strategy according to the requirements.

Share the progress with your friends on social networks by updating your status, tweeting, uploading a photo etc. Your friends will definitely provide their input and also if at any point you decline on the progress, they can help you out and try to motivate you. As it is said, friends will never let you down and can’t see you fail on any task or goal you have set for yourself.

Businesses can also share their performance with their fans and keep them interacting with the business. Fans’ feedback and interaction is very crucial for any modern business. The more quality interactions fans perform the higher the chances to grow the fan base.

Ask Your Community

Another great thing social networks helps in achieving the goals is if you are stuck at any certain point or are unable to resolve a problem, you can always throw a question to your online community of friends and you can have different potential solutions suggested by your friends. Also, if you feel like you are about to quit because you are not up to the mark or lacking at some point, you can ask the community how they overcame this barrier for their set goals.

Asking the fans about their opinion for certain actions businesses take, is a very good thing. This helps to develop the mind frame of the fans, lets them know that they are important to business and that their voice will be heard. Giving importance to fans opens up an opportunity for word of mouth marketing for business.

Share Your Success

When the year ends, make sure that you share your success story with your friends and inspire them to make the right decisions regarding their upcoming new year resolution. It will also be recommended that you thank your friends and online community for their support and making it possible for you to achieve your New Year resolution.

Sharing the success with your fans is a good idea for businesses. Fans feel that they are a part of the community and they interact more and become loyal to the business. Fans also quote the success story of the business to their friends, which creates the possibility of growing the fan base for businesses.

Cygnis Media, a social media application development specialists and iOS application developers, can help you achieve your targets you have set forth for the New Year by designing and developing an attractive and interactive social media application, which can help you market your brand or service via the social web. Cygnis Media ensures that all your goals have been considered and the application is developed to meet the goals. We always look to go the extra mile for our customers.

To summarize the discussion remember to include your friends circle on social networks when you make your New Year resolution, and ask them for their input and help if you have any problems. Friends are the people who are there for you no matter what the situation is. Show your confidence in them and they will be more than willing to help you in achieving and completing the new year resolution you prepared for yourself.

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