Top 5 things from WWDC 2016 that excite us

Top 5 things from WWDC 2016 that excite us

As mobile app developers, WWDC is always like Christmas for us as we get a whole bunch of new toys to play with for the next year. At WWDC, with each iteration of its software platforms, Apple gives developers more and more tools to create brilliant new apps that fundamentally change the way the world works.

We noticed that many people on Twitter and other social media platforms were expressing disappointment over this year’s conference due to the fact that they didn’t get any hardware announcements such as the much awaited retina Macbook Pro refresh. However, they are underestimating the value some of the new features bring and how they will empower developers to create even better products & experiences for users in the near future.

Here are 5 things from WWDC 2016 that excite us for what’s to come:

5. Swift Playgrounds App

Swift coming to the iPad is huge in many ways. We are big fans of Swift and feel that Apple is doing a great job creating a language that is not only robust and flexible, but has an easier learning curve, so as to encourage more people to become programmers (the world could always use more programmers). And now, with the Swift app coming to the iPad, introducing more and more people to coding will be better than ever before. The future of app development is Swift, and the more people that get into it, the better for the users in the long-term.

4. Siri

Allowing 3rd party app developers to now integrate with Siri is a big move forward – something everyone had been anticipating for quite some time now. Although currently limited to certain use-cases, the rollout still marks a significant step in turning Siri into a more widely used every day assistant.


This was a really surprising, but fantastic move by Apple. By creating a VoIP API, Apple is recognizing that VoIP is the future of telecommunications. VoIP apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and more will be able integrate into your device and serve incoming VoIP calls seamlessly as regular phone calls. They even appear in your phone’s missed calls and contact’s info screen.

2. Apple Pay for regular web site checkouts

Allowing Apple Pay integration into regular web sites is a move that many people gloss over, but is one that we feel will pay dividends in the long-run. Currently, the checkout process in most (except Amazon) places is quite painful and arduous. With Apple Pay, it will become as simple as putting your thumb on your nearby phone. Developers, merchants and E-commerce stores worldwide will all benefit from this new feature.

1. iMessage SDK

Love it or hate it (the opinion seems to be split), letting developers build apps for iMessage is a huge step by Apple. This opens up another channel for developers, and even designers as they can create and upload stickers. It allows for us to be creative with the tools that are given to us to create new features for people to help improve the ways they communicate with friends and family. Already with powerful features such as annotations and inline embedding of links, iMessage is showing glimpses of its potential.

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