Microsites – Focused to Achieve a Particular Goal

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Benefits of Microsites

We all must have seen websites that display menus after menus for services and products. This is done by the companies so that they are represented as flexible in whatever industry they are in. However, if you (being a company) want to promote a specific product or service or to target specific demographics what will be your actions?

The answer to this dilemma might be to build a Microsite. Although it is a website, but with specific information about the services or products that needs to be promoted. A Microsite is smaller and simpler website, a subset of your main website or an individual entity. It is highly focused for a specific task (e.g. to promote the specific product or service). Commonly, Microsites are targeted for a specific demographic and are highly optimized for a few specific keywords and phrases so that it can achieve the particular goal set forth.

By now, you might have got some idea about the Microsites and what is the purpose of it. Let us now talk about the benefits it can offer for your particular goals. We have researched on the topic and with our expertise in the digital marketing industry, we were able to compile a list of the major benefits or advantages that a Microsite can offer to you in order to promote a particular product or service.


Microsites are individual smaller websites with a few pages, most of the times just the Home Page. It gives you an opportunity to do something different, to break away from your corporate brand identity, which may or may not be affecting the product’s growth. With Microsites, you are now able to represent your product as it really should be, without the feeling that it would not match with your corporate website .

Better Engagement

Microsites enables you to target a certain demographics as it is specifically created for a product or service. When users would reach your microsite, they would be viewing the information what they wanted and that too without looking for it. You are also able to integrate different social media platforms with your microsite and to reach a niche audience. The social seeds, in today’s world have a significant impact on your microsite and the cause it is built for. If the information is relevant to the interest of the users, there are more chances that they would like to share the news with their friends on social networks and your microsite would be able to reach a larger audience.

Product Launch

Most of the times, we have seen that a microsite is launched for new products. It is a good step to provide a unique entity to your new product and to present it differently from the work you have done in the past.

Email Campaigns

Companies also take advantage of the microsites for leveraging its email campaigns. As Microsites are targeted to provide information about a particular product or service. It is created as a landing point, specifically designed to reflect the branding and to handle the transition from one media to other. It also helps to cater important statistics to measure the performance of the specific campaign.

Clear Path

Extreme focus on a particular product or service is one of the attributes of the microsites, thus making it a useful and effective tool for leading users to a particular call to action. With less distraction from a bundle of other information (usually available on a normal website), users tend to understand the product and are able to consume the idea more quickly.


Microsites can be a perfect way to cater audience attention on a particular information to your overall digital strategy. Considering the fact that microsites are focused and targeted to achieve a particular goal, it is one of the strongest tools to accomplish the goals quickly. Remember, Microsite is all about to let the users see what they are looking for with every intention to lead them to a particular call to action.

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