How Color Builds Your Brand – What They Represent?

How Color Builds Your Brand – What they represent?

Brand can simply be defined as a thing that passes a message of who you are. One of the most important aspect is the choice of color that you make when launching a brand. Research reveals that people judge about any person or product within the initial 90 seconds of viewing, and the assessment made in the 90 seconds time frame is 75% based on colors alone. You might be intrigued by the fact that color can increase up to 80% brand recognition. The reason of this increase is that it stimulates the senses and instantly conveys the message like no other communication method.

Choosing a color is a fascinating but most of the times neglected field with an immense application to social media marketing campaigns. Today, we will be discussing the astonishing facts about the colors used for branding in social media campaigns. But first, let us talk about the gone days. In the good old days, you only needed to choose a color for your logo with a matching color website and off course the matching color would then be used for the packaging of your product or used in a way that it stands out. You did not had to worry about anything else. Your branding was supposed to be completed at this stage.

Today, when you start a business you need to make sure that you portray the brand visually in a way that it looks awesome to others. There are a number of factors to consider and the choice of color is very prominent among these. The huge transformation of internet has implied all of the businesses to revise their marketing tactics and come up with some new ideas, as the old ones simply do not create much of an impact in the industry today. The selection of color for branding has become an integral part for a business startup. You need to make sure that the color you choose works with all the social networks, as these has become a global marketplace in the online world.

While choosing a color, you need to consider that you don’t use a color that matches the color of social networks you will use for your marketing the brands. For example, Facebook is one of the social platforms that is being used vastly by companies for marketing. If you decide to use Facebook as your social marketing platform, you need to make sure that you use the colors which do not blend in with Facebook colors and overcast your marketing content or images.

Choosing a color is a thoughtful process, you need to decide on various aspects for branding and the use of your product in different cultures, different times, with different genders. The top advertising and marketing agencies are working to create some of the most compelling campaigns today. We have researched and found some of the stunning tips that can turn a simple idea in an extra-ordinary idea. We are proud to share these tips with you which can be used for branding on social media:

1 – Trends:

The first and the basic thing to understand for a social media campaign is its nature is changing and is based on seasons. No matter which industry you are related to, there are some “HOT” colors available in every season. Yet, if you feel uncomfortable or are in a doubt to use that color you can go with the specific product color.

2 – Culture of Color:

You do know that all of the colors are not equally treated and nor do they convey the same meaning in one culture against the other. For example, in USA (with many other western cultures) Black color represents sadness while White color represents purity thus it is common for marriages etc. On the other hand, eastern cultures treat these colors in an exactly opposite manner.

3 – Gender Specific:

If you are a brand for one gender only, you need to identify the color representing the gender targeted. Most commonly red with its shades are associated with female genders, while male audience is associated with blue and its shades. It is not too difficult to identify which color suits your brand if you can have the gender specification beforehand.

Decision Making:

While you are at it, you should ask a few question to yourself to choose the best color to represent your brand:

  • Which color represents your brand personality best?
  • Which color describes your product or services?
  • Which color is used by your competitors? (Choosing the same color might not be a very good idea, as customers might think the same about your product as they do for your competitor’s product).


One of the most beautiful examples that we have seen for branding color is of Optimum Nutrition. They are using black, white and orange colors for branding their website and the products. We (Cygnis Media) recently worked with them for some of the Facebook Applications. The colors we worked with look great on Facebook and it truly stands out from others. Follow the links below to take a look at the applications we have developed for Optimum Nutrition:

We would also like to highlight our (Cygnis Media) website here. We are in the process of reshaping our websites. So far, things are looking great with the colors we are using. As we work for social media industry and develop customized Facebook Applications and iOS applications, we do require colors that work with each of the project we work on. We are truly excited about the revamping of our website and hope that you would love the new theme. We are expecting to launch the new website within this month. We recommend that you visit our updated site and let us know your thoughts about the colors we have used.


You need to consider the fact that people will see your product first and then read more details about it. Remember, your first impression is based on the colors you have used for branding your product and the opportunity window is closed in a very short time i.e. 90 seconds. You need to make sure that your presentation (color) is attractive and truly convey the message across that you intend to. Consider to use the same colors for your logo, website, social media campaigns and other promotional materials. With this statement, we would like you to let us know what colors you have used for branding and if the colors you have selected truly convey the message among the consumers.

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