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Facebook Top Brands: Most engaging Facebook page

We are constantly analyzing the ways in which brands utilize Facebook Pages effectively to achieve high levels of engagement. Here, we will discuss some of the top Facebook Pages and the strategies they adopted to promote their brands on Facebook.

Here are some things that need to be done for a successful Facebook campaign:
  1. Provide fans with quality updates regarding the latest news surrounding the brand. If the comment is not about the brand promoted it should be interesting, engaging and current (for example: Did you guys watch American Idol last night? Our favorite got voted off!).
  2. Connect the page to your corporate newsroom and share the news with your Facebook fans. Make them feel involved and a part of the company.
  3. Offer your fans something special, i.e. discounts or deals. Providing incentives is a great way to re-vitalize old fans and attract newer ones.
  4. Offer your fans something special, i.e. discounts or deals. Providing incentives is a great way to re-vitalize old fans and attract newer ones.
  5. Promote charity events.
  6. Promote your events and offer rewards for spreading the word.
  7. Create customized fun applications on Facebook for fans to use, and entice them to share their results to their Facebook friends so that more potential fans become aware of the brand promoted.
  8. Show your videos and pictures to let the Fans know about the successful events within the organization or outside.
  9. Allow fans to share their videos and pictures, especially if they are uploading a picture or video in which the fan and the brand promoted are shown together.
  10. Ask customers for suggestions and respondto the critique in a prompt manner in order to form a level of trust and commitment.
  11. Engage your fans using a poll.
  12. Tell your story. They will listen.

Discussing the few facts one needs to perform to promote a brand, we will share what the top brands on Facebook has done to succeed.

  • Coca-Cola: One of the top 5 brands on Facebook. The interesting and unique story of Coca-Cola fan page started when “Dusty” discovered there is no official fan page for Coca-Cola on Facebook. He along with his friend “Michael” created a page for Coca-Cola on Facebook. The point to note here is that both of these young men were not related to Coca-Cola, except that they are huge fans of it. The page eventually made its mark and collected the attention of millions of users, who off-course became fans of it. Coca-Cola soon found out about the page and they made history with their decision, they asked the young guns to remain as the administrator of the page and made the page official. The main theme is to include the brand fans in the team as they are the most valuable asset for a brand. Most of the companies might have asked to close the fan page and might have filed a case, but Coca-Cola’s decision made the page to become more successful, and now the page has more than 26 million users. Coca-Cola’s act created value for its fans and gathered more trust of its fan base.
  • Starbucks: The name represents itself, the best coffee you can get. Starbucks provide the most relevant information to its fans on their Fan page. They try to interact as positively as possible to its fans. And keep them interacting via different situations. The page also provides the users a complete map to where to find Starbucks outlet throughout the world. The application for “Starbucks Card” is very nice, it helps users to manage and reload the balance one has. The best part of this application is a fan reload his / her friend’s Starbucks card, and provide them with a surprise gift in the face of balance on their cards (A nice birthday gift for me at least). The page has moved on the 4th position on top brands list on Facebook with more than 21 million fans.

  • Red Bull: The energy drink icon “Red Bull” is also on the top 10 list of Facebook pages with more than 18 million fans. The policy page has made to interact with its fans by providing events photos, videos, games and Athletes views on Red Bull drink. The Facebook fan page of Red Bull mostly highlights the pictures and videos of the events it has been involved in. The energy drink highlights the main factor of energy by uploading the colorful pictures and exciting videos. The level of interaction of the fans might be judged by the likes and comments they provided on a post of the page uploaded last Friday, which had more than 2,000 comments and more than 9,000 likes on the post.

In the conclusion we can say that the success of the Facebook fan page depends on the fan value offered by the brand. Interaction, updates, quality of feeds, actions on feedback etc., altogether makes a fan experience of using a page successful. Brands need to understand that fans are the most valuable assets for the success of their pages on Facebook.

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