How companies are using apps for marketing?

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Few reasons you may need to review your marketing tactics

In the last week I made a couple of purchases. There were a few interesting things about the shopping. First, I never visited a store. Second, I never took out my wallet to make any payments. Third and most interestingly, I made all those purchases through my iPhone. An app from the App Store, a couple of shirts from a local designer’s Facebook page, books from Amazon’s app and a gardening tool from ebay.

This may give you a fair idea of how our habits and nature of shopping as a consumer has changed over the course of time. So let’s have a look how it has changed companies and small businesses to reach their target audience.

Where companies are looking out for the customers?

IBM’s statistics about Cyber Monday 2013 has shown us that 17% of total online sales were through mobile devices. On the other hand Facebook is currently testing third party mobile ads. Moreover, there is a research, predicting a $20 billion gold pot in the mobile advertising business.

You may have seen several ads while you try to play a game on your smartphone. Flappy bird’s developer was making $50,000 a day from in app advertising.

What type of app advertising do you need to market?

It is time for your business to use that global reach through mobile app advertising. Through an app you can reach millions of people globally. If you use few restrictions like demographics, age group and gender, you will still be able to reach thousands of people in a day. You can get your own app to sell your products. Shares and Likes will increase your existing customer base.

How can we forget Facebook? With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is making big leaps in paid advertising. There are multiple options you can explore with Facebook advertising. However, I would recommend a Facebook app which helps your existing fans to make purchases within the app. You can later on market and promote your app through Facebook advertising. Secondly, you may be interested in Facebook’s third party mobile ads which is also a great opportunity. However, it is currently limited to a few selected partners, but I guess we can all wait (gleefully) for an opening.

Wrap Up

The percentage of sales through an app (whether it is a mobile app or web app) are on the rise and we don’t see any decline in this trend. With new technologies like iBeacon and Touch ID we will see more and more fans tapping their way into the apps to make purchases. So equip your business with an app before it’s too late.

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