Consumer Behavior and Website Design Elements

Consumer Behavior and Website Design

Designing a website or an application is a very tough job. You need to understand the things that would trigger the customers to take actions. These triggers are generally made out with the elements used in the design, placement for these action calls, the ease of access to the customer, and the presentation of your overall website or application. The first thing a designer needs to know (when designing a website or an application) is the consumer behavior. While designing, the designer needs to think according to the normal user and should consider the placements of different elements used in a way that a user can easily understand about the next step he is supposed to do. The focus should be to offer ease of access and to entice the customers or users to take the actions that are required.

There are a number of things we have discussed previously about creating a good design in our blog section. Today, we are going to talk about the design techniques that are proven to convert your site or application visitors to your customers. Let us take a look at the list we have maintained for you this time:

Using Attractive Images

We all know that brands use Photoshoped images for their marketing, making the models more attractive than usual. There are a number of clever designers who use their skills to increase the Pupil size of the model. A study has shown that an image of a person who has large Pupil is more attractive than others. As a brand, using an image with large Pupil increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaign from 1% to 3%. The following should be considered for using the images on your website:

  • Clean and high-resolution images
  • Attractive
  • Matches with the theme of your website
  • Each main page of your website should have its own image
  • Use of retina images to support Mac Pro users

Call To Action Buttons

The call to action buttons or links are those elements on which you want the users to click through for a particular action like “Buy Now” or “Learn More”. Designing this call to action buttons you need to make sure that you follow some simple rules that would help you generate some good measureable return on investments. The things you should consider for Call to Action Buttons are:

  • Make it big
  • Get the position right
  • Use an alternative color
  • Use white space (the space around it)
  • Use active urgent language

Attractive use of Transitions

Use of transitional effects is one of the things that should be used in your designs. Attractive transitions and animations are one of the things users are inspired to your website. Consider yourself using a website or an application, with some cool effects when you press a button or a link. Your first impression would be to dig deep, as you would feel comfortable using the website and try to consume more information using the website or the application.

Use of Icons in the Navigation:

Navigation is another important aspect of your website or the application. It lets you describe the content in a very manageable format and helps your users to go through your website or application with ease. The use of icons is very normal these days, however, the icons used for the navigation should convey the basic idea of the information that is available on that particular tab or page. There are a number of users who are not very comfortable using the websites with only icons in the navigation, as sometimes they are lost and do not reach the information they want to acquire. To avoid such problem, use of icons and title together is suggested for most of the websites and applications. You need to consider the following for using icons in the navigation:

  • Relevant icons should be used
  • The icons should be placed in the navigation so that they look good
  • Icons used should be clean images
  • Different color of icon should be used when the user selects a page
  • Icons should be used with the title to help the users to understand it better

Content Presentation:

Websites normally are considered to be the hub of information for companies. You, as a brand, present yourself to your visitors through your website and convey the message regarding the services you offer. You use images, content, and videos to provide information to your visitors. The presentation and placement of all these elements does matter. You should consider the following to present your content:

  • Provide appropriate gaps between the paragraphs
  • Use specific font style for headings and the content
  • Readable font size should be used
  • Heading styles should be consistent throughout the website
  • Placement of images should be considered to avoid any confusion

Relevant Information:

It is of utmost importance that you use relevant information on each tab of your website. Your website’s services tab or page should define about the services that you are offering and not explain about your team.


Use of some intelligent and smart designing can help you generate the returns you expect from your website. The above listed items are just a few from the lot, try to follow the above suggestions and observe how the consumer behavior shifts for your website. Considering the fact that our website can be used as an example for this purpose, we would like to know your thoughts and welcome your remarks on our website.

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