Facebook Page Significant Redesign

Cygnis Media Editor
Facebook Updates: Facebook redesigned Businesses and Custom Pages

Facebook pages have recently been redesigned, it is not live on every page yet but will be done up till 10th March. Rather than being a simple redesign, it significantly changes the way you manage your page. The new functionality is worth giving time to get familiar with.

In the change, pages are redesigned to look like profiles and have elements, which intend to improve the communication between the fans and the page admin. Pages are free to communicate with other organizations, businesses, brands and public figures.

The changes also provide new opportunities for brands to provide users even more exciting branded experiences. Several of the new administrator settings will also simplify the management of the small business and startups pages.

Some of the main changes are listed below:

  • Comment as yourself or page: The most important update is the ability to post and like other pages as your page. The user can select whether he / she wants to operate as a person or on behalf of the page.
  • Sidebar Changes: The left side of the page is very different. The profile image size is reduced.
  • Picture Perfect: As the user profile changes the photos on the page will now appear at the top of the page. The wall photos and admin photos are included in this.
  • No Tabs: The new design doesn’t have the tabs; instead they are listed below your profile image as a vertical navigation
  • Profanity Setting: Admin has the authority to set the profanity settings to either none, medium or strong. Facebook also automatically moderate from their list of commonly reported terms.

Lead Product manager for Facebook Pages, RohitDhawan says “We strongly believe you should have consistent experiences when possible. A page can now use Facebook as if they were an individual with the ability to interact with other pages”.

Another update Facebook is adding is an “everyone” filtering which brings the post having most engagement from users at the top of the page. This makes it easier for admins and users to easily get the information about the most liking and engaging conversation on the page. The new

Facebook pages
also have the ability to filter out posts that are not in a language you understand.

The current Facebook page change can help us understand how important the business aspect of Facebook has become.

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