Market Saturation Point for Facebook in the year 2011?

Facebook Saturation in 2011

Facebook is the one giant in social media networks, which has always been in news for its rapid growth and the success it has gained. Over the years Facebook has been able to capture more users every year. But now it is turning out to be a fact that Facebook has reached the market saturation point in US in the year 2011. In US only, 75% of the Internet users are using Facebook. The initial market and one of the most important countries in size of revenue for Facebook is US. We are very confident that Facebook will try its best to reach the remaining 25% of the Internet users in US.

Now this is for sure that the remaining 25% of the Internet users might be difficult to capture but the company can try to grow its population using different mediums i.e. Mobile Devices and other platforms.

There are different sources where the data can be gathered about the Facebook population, but certainly there are ambiguities in between them. So we take the most authenticated source and keep it in our analysis i.e. F8 Developers Conference in September, where we finally came to know that Facebook has reached over 800 million users, as previously the hype was created that either it will be able to reach the number of users anticipated or not.

Similarly, a research company issued a report that Facebook with 99.3 million active users in November 09, 145.3 million in that month of 2010, and 157.4 million in that month of 2011.

Over the years, Facebook has said that almost half of the users log on the network every day. Here also is an interesting fact found by different researchers that Facebook users spent an average of 7 hours 45 minutes on the site, which is very high as compared to others. The number of active users on Facebook still remains a mystery as no reports as such have been officially released by Facebook, but we can assume that it will be very high from others as we can see the posts from different friends on our wall and the number of shares we do, to be very honest others are also doing the same.

Lastly, we leave you with the strategy Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg provided in the f8 Developers Conference, and we quote it, “the next era, the next 5 years, will be about apps and depths of engagement now that everyone has their connections in place.” By this quote we can conclude that Facebook is now targeting the engagement level of users rather than the number of users in US.

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