Kiwis Get the First Look at Facebook’s New Timeline Design
Cygnis Media Editor

Kiwis Get the First Look at Facebook’s New Timeline Design

Take a look at the new design rolled out to some users in New Zealand.

As a social network that is home for 1.01 billion people around the world, Facebook keeps updating its layout design to streamline it for a better user experience as well as making it a great marketing tool for advertisers and app developers.

Facebook recently tested a new look of the Timeline which has been rolled out to a select number of users in New Zealand. If the updated Timeline receives successful response from the Kiwis, Facebook may choose to roll out the feature to the rest of its users as well. We can’t be sure of how long that will take, but we can be sure of one thing: the new design is sure to make advertisers jump with joy! The changes are mainly made to the top of the Timeline and functionality of “Like” buttons and reshared posts.

The new layout introduces slight changes but to great effect. The first development is that the header under the cover photo now shows tabs for About, Friends, Photos and More. The thumbnails that accompanied these links have been removed. All information is available when you click on a specific tab. Also, the links to browse through years in your Timeline has swapped places with sponsored ads on the right.

Facebook Timeline Changes

When the Timeline was split into two columns earlier, a lot of users complained about the dispersion of posts on the right and left side of the timeline bar. Now, the Timeline has been neatly divided into two columns that show separate information. The column on the right shows your status updates, posts and likes while the left column is dedicated to apps and notes. This means that applications now get a highlighted space of their own in your Timeline on the left hand side.

The “More” tab of the header lets you view the person’s favourite music, movies and TV shows with large thumbnails so that you can find out someone’s taste in entertainment in one quick glance.

Facebook Redesign

The last change is with the posts you reshare. Advertisers would be happy to know that Facebook has tested a new layout for the posts that users like from Pages. Previously, the like would simply display the content and mention which Page it has been shared from. Now, Facebook has added a “Like the Page” option right under the post so any viewer can “Like” the page and start getting its updates in their News Feed. This will definitely help companies step-up their reach and Facebook likes.


Developers at Facebook sure are trying hard to make Facebook a comfortable and exciting experience for both users and advertisers. So what do you think of the new layout of the Facebook Timeline? Let us know in the comments below if you have already tried it out or if you’re waiting for Facebook to roll it out to the world.

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