The Importance of iPhone in Business

Cygnis Media Editor
Importance for Businesses, How iPhone Apps helping brands

There are a number of managers and organizations that have prevented the use of iPhones in their processes. Despite the fact that the App Store has more than 300,000 applications, with many productivity applications available; the managers are continuing with a closed-minded view on the smartphone. People use the App Store to download games, books, music and more. Business applications, which are now coming forward as a very important category, seem to have finally found their stride. Apple is continuously working to upgrade the iPhone to become a better business mobile device, and with the features of iOS 4 Apple has shown their interest in doing so.

The recently released iPhone4 has some features built in which can help businesses to be more efficient. Businesses upon understanding the correct usage of iPhone in their processes can definitely improve in a lot of areas. Some of the most significant features for businesses are listed below:

  • Unified Inbox: A single inbox for multiple e-mail accounts adds convenience and improves productivity.
  • Microsoft Exchange: The iPhone4 is integrated with Microsoft Exchange and provides easy access to a number of enterprise features such as: email, calendar and contacts.
  • Customized Applications Development: Companies can design and develop their own applications according to their business or process requirements and integrate it with the device.
  • Easy Integration: Enterprise applications do not necessarily need to be uploaded to App Store, companies can integrate the devices with the application. Enterprise applications, if only developed for in-house use, can be integrated with the company owned devices.
  • Business Intelligence: Helps to make decision faster by providing information quickly. You can generate reports, monitor the sales figure, and make approvals for fast growth of the business.
  • Manage Sales: iPhone can help in keeping track of the leads and opportunities for business. It can also help to keep the record for meetings and follow ups so that the business opportunity never misses out.
  • Documents & Files: iPhone can be used as a mobile hard drive, keeping the important documents on to go, it can also help in managing presentations with just one tap.

These are a few benefits and there is a lot more to explore and define. The one thing people have to understand is that iPhone is not only for individual use, it is also helpful for business usage and can create a huge difference in productivity and decision making activities. Businesses that started using the iPhone as an enterprise resource understand the value and importance of this Apple product. The timely update of information, connectivity on the move, and reports as and when required has always been a necessity. Apple is trying to resolve these business issues by offering the enterprise applications for the iPhone.

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