Make Your Facebook Page Application Stand Out

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Make Your Facebook Page App Stand Out

Improve customer interactions with Facebook apps

All Facebook pages essentially look the same but for the apps tabs. Facebook allows pages to create apps that can engage their fans in a fun way and educate them about the brand. The apps have evolved so fast that they have now given multiple functionalities to Facebook pages including ecommerce, customer interactions, games, sweepstakes, contests and more.

In the world of online applications, billions of apps are being churned out everyday – so how do you stand out from the crowd?

1 – Interactivity:

Interactivity in Facebook App

Facebook is fundamentally an interactive social media platform where people log in to communicate with each other and take their interactions into the virtual world. Your Facebook apps should keep this in mind and offer them another chance to interact with either other fans of the product or with your own brand. Passive entertainment is not what online users are looking for – that is something they expect from TV and radio.

2 – Experience:

Facebook App Experience

Using your Facebook application, try and create an “experience” for the consumer that they can remember. They will then be able to relate these experiences with your brand and get to know about your brand’s personality better.

For example,’s Facebook apps lets you create your own work, browse the shop for artwork on sale and share stunning pieces with your friends as well.

3 – Instant Gratification:

Instant Gratification in Facebook App

Customers online are very volatile and restless. Sometimes, loyal fans will stick around your application for 3-4 minutes, but if you’re looking to engage new fans on your page, you need to provide them instant gratification. This means showing them in tangible terms how valuable they are to you and your business – in a fun, intuitive way.

For example, Dancing with the Stars created a Facebook app that lets you cast your vote for your favorite DWTS Partners and invite your friends to vote along with you!

4 – Service:

Offer Service using Facebook App

Extend your customers service from your brand through apps. Look at apps as yet another tool to talk to your customers. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, apps are also a marketing tool that should be used to serve your clientele in one way or another.

For example, the Harry Potter site Pottermore offers its fans a “Pottermore insider” through a Facebook app which shows them news from the site, new additions to the content by author J. K. Rowling or .

5 – Entertainment:

Entertainment Facebook App

Facebook is fun. Don’t take that away from your Facebook apps. The mindset of the general audience when they log on to Facebook is to take a break after a hectic day or relax and gossip about what’s happening. Keep your applications trendy and upbeat and provide some sort of entertainment to your customer. Entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean “humour”.

For example, TV series HOUSE’s Facebook application gives its fans some perks through its Facebook application. The perks include watching exclusive videos of stars’ interviews on the red carpet, entering sweepstakes and taking a chance at winning give-aways.

6 – Education:

Educate using facebook app

Advertising’s primary purpose is to drive demands for products. Through Facebook apps, you should raise awareness about your brand, products or company values. On the other hand, you can also choose to create apps that educate your fans about different subjects related to your brand.

For example, the popular fan site sports a “Mugglenet Academy” app on their Facebook page. The app allows fans to take courses and educate themselves about social issues.

7 – Aesthetics:


The design of your app will determine the motivation of your fan to stay involved. Your application’s interface should not only follow international standards of UX design but should also create an impact with its design. The app’s design should communicate the mood of the app, the personality of the brand and should guide the customer’s eyes according to your needs.

For example, Gucci’s Horsebit Loafer app introduces the fans to its new products. The app is designed with a lot of negative space and the elements of design easily lead the customer from the main headline to the video to the details below.

8 – Escape:


The Facebook application you design should allow the fan to escape into a virtual world where he is able to take charge, make meaningful choices and reap rewards. If the app offers nothing unexpected, it will fail to grab the customer’s attention. Fun is always unexpected – and fun is a way of escape.

For example, for the Oscar-winning movie “Life of Pi”, its Facebook page hosts an app titled My Life of Pi which allows fans to create their own Facebook story!

9 – Connectivity:


Your app should be able to translate to various platforms such as iPhone, Android, tablet PC and desk computer. With more and more people choosing to take the web on the go, your apps should be compatible to different gadget interfaces.

Obama’s application Organising for Action calls voters to “help the President’s plans for America get passed by Congress.” The app is available for both mobile and the web and adapts its design to fit on different screens.

10 – Shareability:

Inspire Yourself

When creating a Facebook application, always add shareable value to your app. Always. These value additions compel the customers to share the app with their friends who in turn share them with their friends. On average, one Facebook user has 120 confirmed friend connections [source: Facebook]. Imagine the reach you’ll get with just one share.

For example, Disney’s movie Wreck It Ralph promotes engages its fan base through a Facebook app game called “Fix it Felix”. The players can play the game just as it is shown in the movie and then share their scores with their friends, see who’s leading on the leaderboard and visit the site for more fun.


We think you might have got the idea to make your facebook page app stand-out from the crowd. The above list would help you in creating a successful application for your users. Use your imagination to create the design elements that highlight your brand as well as help you interact with your users in a friendly way. Learn with the users, let them have fun, create their own virtual world using your application and let them share with their friends. Its all about giving freedom to your application users. We are certain that users would be happy to use the application, if you follow the mentioned points in this post. You are welcome to contact Cygnis Media for more ideas related to your Facebook Page applications.

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