Convert Customers with Social Engagement

Convert Customers With Social Engagement

Social media is a strong media tool to get in touch with your customer and Fans (Well, we all know that by now). So we decided to have a discussion on how you can convert more of your fans to be your customers, using social media networks. Social Media offers you the means of engagement that have not been provided in the earlier days. It enables you to create more beneficial engagement between your fans or customers and your brand, by participating in online communication. You are able to answer customer queries, update about product enhancements, and announce the new promotions etc. and all the information is shared with your fans in a matter of seconds.

Social media engagement can help you build strong relationships between your customers and your brand. The fans can avail this opportunity to convey their ideas or voice to your brand in a much more cost efficient and timely manner. You need to know that social media is not just about engaging with your fan base or customers, but to create opportunities to increase your market reach and brand’s ROI (return on investment).

To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the most important things you would need to take in consideration, while using social media as a tool for increasing your customers.

Don’t overdo it:

The first thing we would recommend for you is not to think too hard and do not conclude to the results before even starting. You would just waste your time doing it. Make your decisions and just go for it. It is all about trying out the new things, sometimes things work out for you, other times they don’t. Just keep your thoughts together and target the goal you want to achieve. Your failure doesn’t mean you cannot succeed in it.

Effective Time Investment:

Time management is one of the key factors of any business strategy. If one of the process is not completed within the allotted time frame, the whole project would be a big mess. We do know it is always difficult to manage the time, but to tell you the truth it is not impossible. You need to focus on the goals you need to achieve in a time period and try to work with all of your heart.

Using Social Media Tools:

There are a number of tools available online, that can help you manage your social media strategy. Our recommendation is not to use them all at once, make your decision and use the tools that your require to complete the goals you have set. If you use them all, it would be hard to manage them all at once and you would be wasting your valuable time. If you choose wisely, you would be able to manage your social media strategy more conveniently.

Extensive Self-Promotions (A Big NO):

People use social media to share useful, informative, and enjoyable content with each other. Your content shared on social media although should reflect your brand, but it is recommended that self-promotion in bundle is not very effective for your brand. It would be a benefit, if you share something interesting, informative or funny material from time to time on the social platform you use, your fans would love that.

Sharing a Picture or a Video:

We have discussed the importance of images and videos in our previous discussions as well, using proper videos and images for your social media marketing strategy is something that is being done by all of the brands. Take the example of Emirates NBD, which recently reached us to build an application for them to celebrate the National Day of UAE. The application gathers the images from Instagram and Twitter and place them beautifully to create the cover photo for the Emirates NBD’s official fan page on Facebook. (Read the full story here)

Expert Opinion:

Remember, your fans take you as an expert on the things you say out loud on social media platforms. You need to make sure that the information you are sharing is 100% accurate, if not, you will lose your reliability over a period. For example, the blogs written on our website are also shared on social media platforms. Our primary objective is to discuss the different things of the industry and to offer assistance to people who crave for more information. The blogs written by us are well researched topics, and we do not put anything in our blogs which is in doubt (if it is we mention it), so that our followers are not misguided from the information we provided them. Which is the reason that we receive a number of blog requests from people who are looking for further information.

Patience is the Key:

Social media marketing doesn’t offer instant results, you need to be patient and work hard to achieve the results you expected when you decided to start the social media marketing. You need to make sure that your engagement level is good with your fans and in turn this will help you gain more customers.

Stay up-to-date:

You need to make sure that you are up-to-date about the information in your industry as well as on the other news. As your fans can be from different demographics and they would be discussing about different things. You need to make sure that you know at least some of the details for the new information so that you are able to discuss about it with your fans.

Start Conversation:

Start conversations on the social platform and allow your fans to comment and discuss on it freely (except profanity or abuse). Think about it for a second, what could be the possible reason that your fans are not commenting on your posts? Well, it should be obvious, they are purely not interested in the topic. So, you need to make sure that your posts are interesting so that your fans may comment on it.

Stay Professional, but Enjoy the work:

Social media engagement should be done professionally, but you need to make sure that you enjoy conversing with your fans. If you are not enjoying conversing, you are not doing it right! Try to help everyone, but do not take it too hard on yourself, just relax and complete the tasks one by one.


Social media can help you leverage the engagement with your fans, customers, and prospects to build trust and relationship, so that all of the fans can be converted to sales afterwards. Social media engagement can also lead to greater brand awareness and customer engagement which can result in more sales, if done correctly. Do let us know which of the tips helped you in your social media marketing! Enjoy conversing.

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