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Standalone Apps: Facebook plans and success story

Why Facebook is focusing on standalone apps?

Facebook’s effort to launch standalone apps is about keeping itself relevant in the ever changing market.

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What We Have Been Up To - Cygnis Media App Development Company

Find out What Team Cygnis have been up to

The past few months here at Cygnis have been simply incredible. Here is what team Cygnis has been up to.

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Facebook Introduces Shared Albums

Facebook Introduces Shared Albums

Facebook’s shared albums are yet another improvement to a social network that is thriving on collaboration.

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Facebook Monetization – Introducing Payment Products

Facebook Monetization Introducing Payment Products

Facebook announced a Subscription and Local Currency Pricing Model for Facebook Application Developers.

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Facebook Introducing the App Center «

Facebook Introducing the App Center

Facebook’s App Center – another channel to increase growth for apps using Facebook Connect for the login processes.

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Frictionless Facebook Apps

Frictionless Facebook Apps Increasing Content Sharing

Frictionless Apps – Sharing user’s interests among their friends and showing relevant content based on user’s Likes.

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