Why Redesign Your Website?
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Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website?

Website is the first impression of your business and hence is very important to keep it updated and clean. The old buildings, which are maintained properly look nice, but think of those whose maintenance is not done properly, what would they look like? Yes! You got the picture right. You would feel awkward walking in this building, you might even think how it is still standing in such condition. Well, your website should have the same impact on your business, you need to maintain it as a building. Updating it regularly, using the new things properly and collecting user feedback as and when you think necessary to use their opinions.

Redesign Website

While your physical location can stay the same for 10 – 15 years, your website cannot go this far without updating. You need to make sure that your website is re-designed after every five years (maximum), however, the preferred time most of the experts suggest for re-designing the website is of one year minimum. With the technological advances rolling out on almost daily basis, you need to follow the design trends that are in the market or you could even be the trend setter yourself.

Technology Advancement

Technology Advancement

Remember the introduction of Flash based website, the boom when everyone was trying to get the cool flash based website? It was the time when the market trend shifted to use animated images. After a while, it cooled down, as Google became the hottest thing and SEO experts suggested that Flash based website was a horrible idea which would affect the website ranking. The reason to remind you all these things is that, if your website is built five years ago, it would be using old technology and might not even be user friendly and social friendly as the websites of today are.

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Design Advancement

Design Advancement

The hard truth is that designs are evolving each month (if not each week). You need to follow the market trend when it comes to the design of your website. Most of the designers follow other designers in the industry to be aware of the new design elements that are used in the market. I personally feel odd, when I look at the websites or applications I worked on just a year ago. As the elements used in those are out dated and are pretty much extinct.

Take Decision

Take Decision

It’s true that when you think of redesigning your website, it looks like you just made a huge investment on it not too long ago. But, you need to do it again. It is the first thing your consumer would see and in today’s fast paced environment you need to make your decision fast and quick. There are a number of businesses who say that we do not require redesign as we never received a complaint about it. Well, we say you would not receive complaint as people would stop coming to your website and not say anything else.

Considering the facts that redesigning of the website at a certain time is appropriate and necessary, we have also revamped our own website. If you are one of the regular visitor of our website, you must have noticed that we redesigned the website and have put great effort to fulfill the expectation of our visitors. We have used a number of combinations for the color theme, used some new ideas for the layout and took the initiative to make the changes to our website.

In recognition of our website redesign, our work has been awarded by CssWinner to be the winner of the day dated 24th October, 2012. We are honored for this appreciation and are looking ahead to offer more quality work. We would like to receive your feedback as well on the website redesign.


We told you that experts suggest that website should be redesigned after a year. It is up to you to take the decision for your business and for your website appearance. We would suggest you to take user’s feedback when you decide to re-design the website to know what your users want. Just remember if it is past one year when your website was designed, you should start re-considering the fact that it needs re-designing because believe it or not much have changed in the design industry in the last year.

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