Cygnis Media Year in Review 2015

Cygnis Media Year in Review 2015

2015 was a busy year for Cygnis Media as we developed amazing web and mobile applications. Also, many renowned clients chose us to design and develop apps for their campaign, like Air France, National Geographic Channel, Lane Bryant, Dallah Al-Barakah, and KLM.

In 2015, our team completed 15 projects with a 100% on-time delivery — something which the we are very proud of — and have 6 new projects about to launch shortly. A major credit for this goes to the project management team, who ensured every tiny bit of work was delivered at superior quality and within the timeline of the project. Also, for every campaign we built an application for, we were able to achieve an average target of 250%, something that motivates us every day to continue trying to over-deliver as much as possible.

Some of our most favorite applications in 2015 were:

1) Plus is Equal

Plus is Equal

Lane Bryant came to us with this amazing concept of a campaign to represent the average women in U.S. Not many have a perfect body, and they are underrepresented in the ads we see. For this, we designed and developed an app where plus-size women can feel confident about themselves, see themselves on a virtual billboard, and share it with their friends on social media.

2) KLM – Pack Your Bags

KLM - Pack Your Bags

With KLM wanting to increase its bookings to Africa, this campaign revolved around the idea of a sweepstake to send lucky winners to an African destination based on their interest. We created a responsive web application for this mega campaign. The results were astonishing, and we received an overwhelming feedback on how the application worked; inspiring KLM’s customers, social followers and potential travelers. Target we achieved for this campaign was 350%.

3) National Geographic Channel Breakthrough App

National Geographic Channel Breakthrough App

If you follow National Geographic, you must be aware of the Breakthrough series that was aired. For the promotion of this show, we had to create an application that would showcase how effective clean-energy rides can be. Hence, we created an iOS application that would be used on iPads placed on a fleet of 16 Uber rides. For the journey, travelers would interact with the application and in real-time see how much carbon-dioxide emissions have been saved. To add a social visibility, we allowed travelers to take a selfie for the generation of a branded photo and share their results on social media.

4) Emory – Independent Study

Emory University wanted to conduct clinical trials on diabetes research in countries like India. The global nature of study was a challenge they would face which meant information sharing will be critical and difficult. To overcome this, we created a cloud system which connects Emory in Atlanta with participating centres in India. Along with facilitating the gathering of information regarding patients and their progress in clinical trials, the system was also developed to facilitate treatment recommendations. An algorithm was created with the help of the leading minds at Emory which would be able to analyze patients’ particulars and suggest treatment plans. These plans would be reviewed by physicians in Atlanta and India, creating a collaborative environment providing instant feedback to doctors and patients alike.

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This year Cygnis Media also focused on continuously improving the team skills of it’s developers. We held weekly sessions on topics such as design thinking and user experience to end the week on a relaxing and knowledgeable note. In the month of April, we organized a Hackathon to bring out ideas and motivate our team. We wanted to strengthen teamwork and promote knowledge sharing when all team members shared a similar winning aspiration. The winner of our Hackathon was the team “Hack Attackers” who had an idea named Easy Buy, which aimed to reduce the checkout queue at shopping centers, by blending the traditional shopping and online payments approach.

Welcoming 2016

2016 has begun very well for us. We are more committed than before to produce amazing applications and are aiming to beat our scores from the previous year. With many applications close to completion at the moment, we have bigger plans and targets for this new year and we can’t wait to show them to you as they come to fruition.

If you have an idea which you would want to give life to, get in touch with us!

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