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Guardian was designed from the ground-up to cater to different workflows, handle unique situations and deliver timely, relevant information at every step of a case.

Our Contribution

Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI/UX Design, Front-end & Server-side development, Control Panel Development, Custom Reporting, Dashboards, Container-based continuous deployment pipeline management & Single Sign-on (SSO) support for major SSO providers.

Case Management Solution

Guardian empowers educational institutes with secure and instant access to important user and case related information and eliminates the paper-based legacy system with a powerful digital transformation. Forget multiple reporting webforms. Guardian was designed to dynamically respond to any and all incident types - from various levels of Student Conduct, to Title IX, Corporate Ethics & Compliance, and K-12 Student & Incident Management. With intelligent routing of cases, ensure approvals and required actions are streamlined so that your officers can spend majority of their time on complex initiatives.

  • Workflow Wizard

    Track cases at each stage and what's scheduled to close. You can create & manage custom cases pipeline as per your need.

  • IR Form Builder

    Create custom incident reporting form along with customized themes using easy to use rule-based form builder.

  • Cases Management

    Allows you to better use, consolidate, and protect information while improving your justice system.

  • Email Templates

    Keep uniformity in communication with templates and meta tags to auto-populate your emails.

  • Sanctions & Appeals

    Apply sanctions, charges, and appeals through a customizable list. System logs help you monitor when information is read by involved parties.

  • Meetings Schedule

    View and schedule meetings with involved parties of a case and send invites to their calendars at a single click.

  • Student Profiles

    View information of students, from their personal data to class schedules and their involvement in cases.

  • Cases Checklist

    Streamline your case management process with a custom checklist for each case category.

  • Documents Management

    Organize and manage documents related to a case to save time on searching and gathering prior information.

  • Data Importer

    Integrate the system with third party solutions for transfer of user data through APIs or scheduled bulk importing mechanism.

  • SSO Integration

    Eliminate the need to remember your credentials through single sign-on of renowned providers integrated.

  • Custom Report Builder

    Generate custom reports on the go through a powerful report building engine. Save them for future references or schedule sharing it with the concerned authorities.

The Result

Guardian has been deployed in several universities across the nation, and the response has been overwhelming. With dozens of new colleges being on-boarded every month, the product has provided an incredible amount of value to all the parties involved due to its transparency and robust nature.

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