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Moms Talk Shots

Moms Talk Shots is a collaboration between some of the country's most respected and well reputed establishments in Medicine, led by John Hopkins University, which aims to educate and inform Moms (and upcoming Moms) on the importance of getting vaccinated at appropriate times.

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We designed and developed a custom Survey Builder which will allow the management team to self-moderate and create surveys that remain current to the changing environment.

By being able to update and create new surveys whenever needed, they don't have to worry about the content becoming stale.

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Rule based

It was imperative to be able to adapt to the answers being given in the surveys, in order to ask better and more relevant questions ahead. To accomplish this, we created a custom Rule-based Logic mechanism.

Through this, the Survey Builder is enhanced with the ability to ask specific questions based on the previous answers given, and at the end of the Survey, provide the appropriate call-to-action based on all the answers received.

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Notifications & Reminders is an essential feature critical to the success of the project. In order to ensure that people are receiving the Surveys at the appropriate time, a custom Email Automation module was developed.

This allows the managers to create email templates and define at which milestones in a Mom (or Baby's) life should they receive an email asking them to take a specific Survey. Not only that, but if they have pending surveys for a length of time, they can receive automatic reminders as well.

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At the end of the Surveys are the informative videos which are the main attraction of this application. With a massive library of videos, it was a challenge to sort, organize and present the appropriate video to the right person at the right time, and track which user has watched what.

A completely custom Video Management module was designed & developed from the ground-up to accomplish all these tasks, as well as interact with the Rules-based Logic module we developed earlier to show appropriate videos based on answers given in the Surveys.

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Data Experts
For Analysis

At the heart of the application & the project is the data. In order to be able to inform existing analysis and reports, it was imperative to be able to utilize the data beyond the back-end dashboards.

This was accomplished through a Export functionality, allowing the management to be able to take the necessary data into Excel and perform their analysis.

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Dashboard &

The back-end admin panel is complete with a rich interactive Dashboard through which the management can get real-time information on how the application is performing and some insight into the historic data being gathered.

These Dashboards were custom built for the management based on their KPIs and metrics provided which are essential to measure success.

The Results

Working on a project with such a large impact on people's health and the lives of babies has been a privilege and we are immensely pleased with how well it was received. The amount of nuance in the feature-set was great and the timeline was aggressive, but together with the fantastic leadership at JHU, the project's first phase was launched with great success and work on the second phase has commenced.

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