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21 Mar 2014

How to design customer oriented websites?

The other day I was debating the recent trends of Flat design with my colleagues. The discussion was very informative, because I was trying to point out the reasons for this sudden shift in the design approach while they were providing useful insights regarding Flat vs. Skeuomorphism. The thing which we missed was the customer’s orientation towards websites and how it shaped the website designs.

07 Feb 2014

Facebook releases App Insights 2.0 beta

Facebook updates, trends and viral videos are really living up to Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of Fame”. Events and trends fade out quickly, leaving people and businesses with too much to catch up. Sometime notifications and updates regarding shares, likes, logins and people’s engagement are not enough to track your app’s performance. To keep us all interested, last week Facebook released App Insights 2.0. It is the first major update to this product since its inception.

28 Jan 2014

What to look for when hiring a web development company?

So you are looking for a web development company, but are not sure what traits and qualities you should seek? Let’s get this straight, there are no hard and fast rules to hire a web development company. You may select a company sitting in the top tier of the web development category, yet you may end up in a disappointing situation. The thing you can do as a small & medium size company is to set few basic rules before such hiring. What do you need? When do you need it? Why do you need it? How much can you spend on it?

17 Jan 2014

Sweepstake Application Ideas for Brands

There are a number of techniques used by Facebook application developers to increase the number of users on the application. One of the most favorable and easy techniques to capture the attention of the users is to create sweepstakes applications. It is not a new idea by any means, as a number of brands have used sweepstakes to receive high levels of engagement from the users in the past.

31 Dec 2013

Typography for Modern Web sites

We humans have been drawing, sketching, and writing since prehistoric times. Historians have found drawing on cave-walls that date back 40,000 years. The urge of expressing oneself is evident from the El Castillo caves to Rembrandt, Von Gogh, and Sadequain. The art of telling tales through pictures, letters and abstract figures has been utilized throughout human history.