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We are a team of product designers & developers with a diverse skillset and vast experience across several industries.

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We started out as a small app development team in July 2010 with 5 simple goals:

  • Provide high quality services
  • Build great relationships
  • Go the extra mile
  • Be professional, respectful & friendly
  • Learn every day
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Over 7 years later, we stand more convinced than ever in these core values. They have led us to over 200 successful projects with over 100 different clients, nearly all of whom have either returned for a second project, or recommend us to someone else. This is the achievement we are most proud of.

In 2017, we have built apps to support marketing campaigns for major brands such as Air France, Lane Bryant & National Geographic. In the enterprise world, we custom built an internal CRM, Operations and HR management system for an organization to optimize its workflow and manage thousands of employees in 4 cities across the country. In the medical industry, we built and deployed a clinical trials management product custom built for Emory University. These are just a few of the vast array of projects we get to experience building each year.

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As we look to the future, we are more excited than ever before as amazing new technologies continue to gain adoption. Technologies such as Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Virtual Reality to name just a few, have changed the landscape. They have made it possible to do things that were previously out of reach. Organizations that embrace the role of being forward thinkers and visionaries are finding great competitive advantage by being amongst the early adopters. We are excited to continue working alongside such people to analyze, conceptualize, design, develop & deploy solutions that help add value to their business goals.

In 2017, we created 18 apps for brands & businesses, custom built 9 new products for enterprises and developed 2 large-scale products for the web & mobile platforms.

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