Team Cygnis

We are big thinkers with a passion for crafting brilliant ideas, transforming
them into powerful & intelligent products.

We work as a natural extension of your team and not a faceless outsourced entity,
because we believe that collaboration is the key to ensuring that business
goals & technology align.


Business Analysts

Responsible for acquiring domain knowledge, understanding business goals and identifying the best path to achieving the desired objectives, Business Analysts lay the foundation for every project.

Creates: Feasibility Study & Functional Specifications.

Researchers & Data Scientists‎

Learn about the target audience, their usage patterns, behaviors, expertise level and expectations in order to inform important decisions made during design & development.

Identifies: User Profile & Key Performance Indicators.

System Analysts

Determine the technology stack and architecture best suited for the project ensuring that it is scalable, future-proof and secure.

Creates: System Architecture Document, Data Flow Diagram & Infrastructure Diagram

Smart & Helpful

Project Managers

Creating a project plan, ensuring everyone stays on track, providing timely updates to all stakeholders and proactively identifying potential risks are some of the many things our Project Managers are doing every day.

Creates: Project plan, Milestones, Sprint plans, Retrospectives, Burndown charts & Progress reports.

Development Managers

Overseeing all the software development from a functionality, usability, scalability, security and best practices standpoint to ensure the highest quality product possible.

Performs: Architecture, Technology & Code Reviews


Graphic Designers

Designing graphic assets to emphasize branding, strategically determining the right color palettes to use and developing the general look and feel of the product to evoke the desired emotions from the audience upon using it.

UI/UX Designers

Creating layouts, interactions, transitions and the user journey progression to build an intuitive and fulfilling experience for the target audience, guiding them to the information they require.

3D Artists

Building and animating 3D models, characters, environments, logos and much more. From full scale models of Airplanes & Cars to cityscapes of exotic places (like Dubai), and beyond.

Proficient & Skilled

Web Developers

Diverse and versatile with the ability to develop for a multitude of languages & frameworks (full LEAN and MEAN stack development), staying up to date on latest technological advancements and following best practices every step of the way.

Expertise in: PHP, Laravel, Vue, Angular, Node, React, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis & more.

Mobile Developers

Developing high quality iOS and Android apps by following best practices put in place by industry leaders like Apple & Google. Staying up to date on advancements made each year with new releases of operating systems and hardware.

Fluent in: Swift & Objective-C (iOS) and Java & Kotlin (Android).

VR Developers

Creating interactive worlds in virtual reality. Early adopters, trail blazers and futurists by nature, with a burning passion and curiosity for pushing the envelope on what's possible.

Technology used: Unity, Oculus, HTC Vive, Google Daydream & Samsung Gear VR.

QA Teams


Executing on test plans to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Testing for usability, security, stress and much more through automation and human centered approaches.

Deliverables: Test cases, Test plans, Observations reports.

QA Engineers

Delivering testing automation to ensure full code coverage and help enable better Unit testing & Regression testing.

Creating: Traceability matrix & Test reports.

Our motivation is to build strong & valuable relationships
with each other, and our clients.

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