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Important things you should know about A/B testing

Importance of A/B Testing or Split Testing

The key to boost conversion rates is to do a load of A/B tests. The first few A/B tests may produce limited results, but don’t despair.

Cygnis Media Editor

Why your business should be interested in content marketing

Content Marketing Techniques For Brand and Businesses

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting. – Bill Gates

Cygnis Media Editor

WeChat e-commerce platform for its officially verified users

WeChat Opens Ecommerce Platform on Mobile Phones

WeChat is trying to create an app, where people could do almost anything they usually do online, without leaving the app.

Cygnis Media Editor

Importance of User Data
for a Business

The Role of User Data in Business, User Behavior and Activity

If your business is not growing according to your expectations, it is time to listen to the voice of your customers.

Cygnis Media Editor

HTML5 Impact Over
Video and Web

HTML5 Impact Over Video and Web

Why are videos so important for a better web experience? and what impact will HTML5 have on videos?

Cygnis Media Editor

Possible E-Commerce Trends
In the year 2014

Latest eCommerce trends in 2014, e-Commerce Platforms and Solutions

In the year 2014 many e-commerce businesses might localize the user experience in order to achieve better results.

Cygnis Media Editor

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