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Audiotweets came to us with a product plan to develop something extremely ambitious, and we love a challenge. Together, we built an iOS application that will ‘read out’ your Twitter feed to you, and not only that, you get paid while you do it.

Still in closed beta phase, Audiotweets uses a remarkable text-to-speech engine to parse your Twitter feed and read it out to you in audio. Not only that, it supports a whopping 12 languages (that’s both displaying and speaking!). As if this wasn’t enough, Audiotweets is integrated with the payment guru, Payoneer, to help get people paid for listening to their Twitter feed.

With an integrated custom advertisement module that also plays audio advertisements after a specific amount of tweets and a focus on creating a smooth and easy to use user-experience, Audiotweets is one of the most exciting new products coming out this year.

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