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NFL Combine, Team Tracker Case Study

NFL Team Tracker App

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    Application Development

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The NFL Network Combine Tracker application was created in order to allow users to show their support for their favorite College team and the star player from each College.

The application allows users to "Like" their favorite team, "Share" a newsfeed on their wall to show their support, sort the teams to see who is doing well, and check out who the "Star Player" is for each College team.

The application is created as a platform, which means that the Facebook Page tab was created as an installable application and the NFL Network distributed the installer to all the different Colleges taking part in the Combine. The tab is installed on Facebook Pages across several different Colleges' Facebook Pages.

In just 3 days, the application has received over 300,000 Likes and is growing at an exponential pace.

Catch tomorrow's stars at the NFL 2011 Combine!

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