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SnapPlans, Case Study

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Services We Provided

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    Application Development

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  • Creative Design

    Creative Design

  • Hosting And Deployment

    Hosting And Deployment

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Snap Plans is an extremely ambitious project with an immense amount of flexibility and convenience provided for it’s users. Snap Plans at the core is an application that allows you to make plans with your friends. The whole point however, is to have it accessible through whatever medium is most convenient.

For this reason, Snap Plans is available as a standalone site with Facebook Connect, a Facebook application, or a mobile site with Facebook Connect. Users are able to make plans with their friends, find people in similar localities looking to attend similar events, or keep track of past and/or upcoming events, all through the same application. With Snap Plans, your friends are just a few clicks away.

Snap Plans is currently in open-beta. Feel free to check it out and please give feedback as it will help the iterative development process

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