Email Marketing Strategy for Brands

Email Marketing Strategies for Brands and Businesses

According to a study, email is almost 40 times better for acquiring new customers than Facebook & Twitter. It is not surprising that email marketing has turned out to be a winner in terms of conversion, because 91% of all U.S. consumers still use email. Not only is the rate of purchasing via email three times higher than social media, but the average order value is also 17% higher. So, let’s see what email patterns a brand should learn and try in this age of customization and personalization.

Welcome Email

It’s obvious, isn’t it? It is customary to greet each and every person signed up for your services or products. Most brands only send an account activation email and forget to say welcome or just add a word or two in the beginning. It is a simple trick which a lot of brands miss these days. Your welcome email does not need to say much, but you still have to show your gratitude for the trust they have shown in your product or service.

Personal Welcome Email from the CEO

This is a new trend which startups are following these days. A personal email from the CEO is an effort to create a long-term professional relationship with a newly signed member. It also helps create the image that the company is accessible and the user is welcome to reach out to the CEO at any time with suggestions or complaints.


If a brand uses content such as blogs and articles to engage its users by providing information, insight, and knowledge of the industry, then including snippets of those articles, videos, tutorials and tips may be compelling reading for the newsletter subscribers. For more interesting insights about this practice, please see our post on content marketing.

New Feature Announcement

A lot of brands neglect this aspect in the midst of paid advertising and social media announcements. It is good practice to engage your existing users first, before venturing out to capture new users.

Celebrating a Milestone

Fans love their brands’ success stories. Loyal customers would love to celebrate your milestones with you. They would love to hear about 100k fans on your Facebook page or your brand’s anniversary. Create short and effective emails to tell your fans about the milestone your brand has achieved.

Mobile Friendly Design

According to a statistic, nearly 45% of emails are opened on mobile devices. This means creating effective email patterns is important more than ever. With smaller screens, lesser time to spare, and more inclination towards mobile shopping, it is very important for brands to learn new email patterns and their effective use.

Wrap Up

There is no doubt that brands should invest in social platforms and other channels to increase engagement with consumers. However, they should also realize and utilize the full potential of the inbox by adopting best email practices.

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