Considerations for Designing an Effective Mobile App

9 Tips: How to Design an Effective Mobile App for your Business

As modern technology strengthens its roots in the business world, mobile phones play quite a significant role, and that’s why creating a mobile app for a business has become a necessity. Marketers often find it hard to design an app for their business which produces effective results. The actuality depends on your survey and research, which in return help you choose the best option for your target audience. It is more important to build an application that fulfills all the requirements of your users.

Since a huge crowd has already filled up the mobile application space, the ability to break through and stand out gets difficult for many businesses. Here are a few tips that will help you to create a mobile application that is not only perfect for your target audience but also help in maintaining loyal users.

1 – Choosing Platforms

Before you embark on the journey of how to design an app, the first thing you need to decide is the platform that would work best for your application.

If you want to make money, choose iOS, which is the operating system used in iPhones or iPads. It’s more difficult to get downloads and revenue from an Android app. But, if you want the app to promote your business, then consider Android since Android is now dominating the smartphone race in the U.S. with 53 percent market share, compared to 36 percent for iOS, according to comScore’s latest report.  there are no ‘reviews’ prior to your app being published, and your app will go live automatically in about 20 minutes after you have submitted it.

2 – Include social sharing

Make sure you don’t forget to add social sharing buttons to allow users to share information about your application. Encourage and allow them to share every post and experience. For example, online games or applications ask you to share your scores or results with your friends on your profile.

This can be a very cost effective method to generate more users for your application.

3 – A Free App

Decision on making money out of your application largely depends on what you are looking to achieve with the app. If you are predominantly using it as a marketing tool to help establish your brand, it may be the best option to focus on getting as many downloads as possible by offering a free app.

On the flip side, apps can present a significant revenue opportunity; some applications have become a multi-million dollar business.

4 – Adding Value

It sounds simple, but just like every other product it needs to be based on a good idea. It is always going to be necessary to think of an app as a separate product rather than a copy of your website. Come up with a simple idea that would reflect your business and its core values. In such a competitive market you need to think of something new and different to grab the attention of the audience.

5 – Be Appropriate and Relevant

It is important to understand that your mobile app won’t solve or answer every need of the customer. You need to provide the required information within the application and offer important tips and suggestions related to your product or services.

6 – Provide information

Continue providing information to your users regularly, which may include updates and news regarding your products and services. The best way to achieve this is by creating a system that would automatically update all the information even before the user realizes its need.

7 – Make users come back to your app

Create a reason for your users to come back to the app and use it regularly. Understand that getting people to download your mobile app is only the first step. If they don’t use it again, it’s just something occupying space on their mobile device. Eventually it loses its meaning for the user and for your business.

8 – Maintain Regularity

One of the golden rules for any business is to maintain communication with the customer. App users are often happy to provide constructive criticism and suggestions for improving its usability. Make sure you listen to what your customers are telling you and update your app accordingly.

9 – Update functionality

To create an application that serves as an effective marketing tool, you need to know how smartphones work and how people use apps. Keep things simple yet innovative and most importantly user-friendly.


Creating a mobile app for your business will help you find its niche and connect with customers who are always on-the-go. In return it gets easier for them to get access to your goods or services.

Design your application in such a way that it contains all the required features that will make your business thrive.

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