Online Contests increase Word of Mouth Advertisement!!

Online Contests

Online Contests are one of the finest ways to increase traffic on the website, increased publicity and even creating a wonderful customer experience. Online contests also increase the word of mouth advertisements by all the shares on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter and other social network platforms as well.

However, it is not necessary that every online contest is a big hit; there are a few contests which fail too. The success of an online contest is based purely on the concept, and also on the user experience. The better the user experience, greater are the chances that the online contest is a success; resulting in high traffic volume, increased user interaction or engagement, and vast advertisement through shares, comments or Tweets. The failed contests on the other hand, face some different opinions and experiences i.e. the negative comments, angry emails, tweets etc. The biggest concern for a business about the failed contest is loss of money.

We all will agree and understand that everything requires intelligent planning, as do your contest. First of all, you can’t just throw the idea and expect it to become successful. Analyze your business needs, start the implementation step by step, concentrate on the important things, analyze the market trends, type of online contest etc. are all major considerations for starting an online contest.

Below are some of the ideas for contests, which have been proved successful by most of the companies using these methods.

Word of Mouth Technique:

A very important thing to keep in mind as a business is that free offers or awards attract users like honey attracts bees. You just need to let the users know about the reward and tell them how easy it is to get it. The word of mouth advertisement can also be increased due to this as users want their friends to be a part of the contest they enter, well in my opinion, users like to compete against their friends instead of strangers.

Vote & Win Technique:

Ask users to vote for something, and let them know if the winning party is the one which the user voted for, they will receive some reward.

Photo with Brand Technique:

Ask users to share their photos with your product to win a prize after a certain period of time. This helps in increasing the market share of your product as well.

Offer Discount Technique:

Go viral by offering a discount to the users who share your posts or by introducing a new customer to your business. This type of contest helps in increase of sales, viral marketing, and also the customer base of a business.

The list can go on and on, there are so many other ideas which you can use, the ideas we provided are just a few of them. Here, we would also like you to see our blog “How to Optimize Your Contest”. The blog contains information about the online contests “To Do List”, so make sure you go through this as well before implementing your idea for an online contest.

In the end, we would like to suggest you to plan, organize, think before time, be prepared for the worse, be positive, and hope for the best. We hope the material provided may help you in your online contest campaign.

Do not forget to share the success stories with us.

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