Top 7 iPhone Apps for Online Education

Cygnis Media Editor
Top 7 iPhone Apps for Online Education

Online education is flexible, affordable and easily accessible to working professionals or other individuals who wish to manage other responsibilities along with education. Online learning has spread like fire and with Google introducing customized applications for education, Apple jumped in to pitch a ride with 7 new iphone applications for online education. To be specific iphone apps cater to various sections of the market with unique applications for every subject. Online institutions like Northern Port University, Liberty University etc have utilized google and iphone educational applications to their advantage. Online education has become fun and easy since the introduction of such applications that create a better experience for students pursuing online education. Here are 7 such iphone applications that have made online education better and much more effective.


This application is targeted towards students of history, civics and political sciences since it’s fun and helps to find out targeted information regarding politics and history. This application allows students to have all history facts on the tips of their iphones, which is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Google Earth

This application is rather to provide a general knowledge boost and can come in handy to graduates in social sciences as well. Geography seems be to the target in this case since the app covers terrains, borders, roads etc that can serve as an invaluable tool for educational projects.

Science Facts

Students of medicine; particularly nurses, doctors, and biology or chemistry graduates can make good use of this particular application. This application is a mine of information on all things science-related and of course it comes handy to medicine students with remembering facts or latest research studies.


As the name suggests this application is targeted towards students of literature or arts since it serves as handy tool for remembering dates, facts and of course theories.

Aristotle’s Complete Works

This is again for literature, logic or social science graduates since it covers each and every theory or work by Aristotle. This application helps cut down visits to the local library or online sources which again serves the major purpose of online education that is flexibility in education.


This application comes in handy when one needs the right word or vocabulary to complete an assignment or written project.


This is an organizational level application that allows students and teachers come together in one place online where they can interact in groups to study or even share relevant documents for test preparations.

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