Web Marketing Strategy (What You Need to Focus)

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Web Marketing Strategy (What you need to focus)

Digital marketing is one of the jobs which can be easy as well as very tough at times when the marketers are not focused. Most of the web marketing, as we know, is based on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. These platforms create their own environment and terms of use for web marketing, some of the things are very simple to perform, while some tasks are hard, and some of the tasks are not achievable by any means according to the platform’s rules or terms of use.

Web marketers are usually taken back when the platform changes the system or bring about a new feature which affects the marketing strategy of the web marketers. We know the platforms are evolving and changing the systems to gain more users rapidly.

Marketers can overcome these hick-ups of system changing and evolving of platforms by asking a few questions to themselves before making the marketing strategy. Marketers who rely on a specific feature for marketing on a platform are usually more hindered by the system changes or the evolution of platform.

So let us point out the important factors with which a marketing strategy can sustain some minor changes of the system used by the platform:

What is the Core Purpose of the Platform?

Every business has its own goal and purpose, same goes for the marketing platforms. They must have their own goal and purpose. Web marketers need to identify this in order to create a sustainable and long lasting marketing strategy. For example: Facebook to its core functionality is a platform where users can share the things they like to their friends, connect with friends and keep in touch. The changes in Facebook’s functionality have never changed its main purpose or goal. In other words, the changes in functionality and its Facebook’s evolution have made sharing of content a lot easier and safer for users, but they did not let go of the actual philosophy Facebook was started for.

Which feature brings the Competitive Advantage to the Platform?

Marketers need to know the feature of the platform which really attracts the users. Facebook as explained earlier is a platform to share content and connecting with friends, marketers instead of using the banner advertisements can use this feature to their advantage. Instead of making a marketing strategy and using on every platform again and again might not provide the best of the results one can achieve. Marketers should identify the user interests and need to use the key feature for its own benefit. Facebook users love to share and no matter what happens sharing of the content cannot be stopped on Facebook, as it would kill the main philosophy behind the creation of Facebook. So, create a strategy which involves sharing of content and let users spread the information for you.

Know your Customers:

While you are at it (building a marketing strategy) you also need to know about the other platforms your customers use. We all know how important customer interaction is in today’s business environment, so why keep this interaction on only one platform. Interact with your customers on multiple platforms; this will help in building customer trust and loyalty towards your business. Marketers just need to follow one rule of thumb in such cases; you cannot use the same strategy on multiple platforms. Make a different strategy for each of the platform and use the knowledge you have learnt from this discussion.

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